Animal Bedding Pellets

The future of animal bedding is here! Wood pellet bedding material cuts costs of cleanup, last longer than traditional bedding, and is biodegradable in your compost pile. The manure is easily separated and the urine absorbed allowing for easy cleanup of only the dirty parts. You aren't shoveling out the clean with the dirty! We carry the Lumber Jack brand of animal bedding pellets made with aspen fiber. Try them out and compare to regular wood shavings or straw, both more difficult to clean with a shovel or pitch fork. The pellets will remain sweet smelling and cleaner longer. The animal bedding pellets are reasonably priced and if you consider the labor savings, are an economical way to go.

Give a ring and Jason can discuss his great pricing and frequent buyer program. We can ship any amount nation-wide so don't hesitate to call and compare our prices. We are a small company with big customer service!

Lumber Jack brand animal bedding pellets